on "Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica"



I have recently gotten out of 1977 reggae with some strong new bands my nephew turned me on to (as well as some cool Hawaiian reggae I picked up while there), and was looking for more. I took a chance with two of the Crucial discs (without knowing anything about them) and was skanking the weekend away. Followed up with the other two compilations and am listening to them non-stop. These discs are as good as anything the Marley boys (all respect) are doing. Outrageous mix that will keep you going strong. Look forward to getting the new Ossie.

I can tell you it also feels pretty cool to actually deal with a person. I was floored when I received an email from Professor Skank on my first order, letting me know the discs were on the way the next day. Nice to know that your cash isn't going to the machine, but to someone who cares and loves reggae.

My advice, trust in the Professor. He is batting 1000 (which is pretty damn good).

Peace and Love,
Eric (in San Fran)

Brother Skank, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner..... The discs turned up and I have been blown away by the quality of every tune. Seriously wicked choice of tunes. The care taken selecting these, and the effort that must have gone into sorting out the lyrics - respect to you. I am indebted to you for opening my mind (and ears) to a selection of music that would have passed me by. Needless to say I will be watching what you do, so make sure you let me know what else going down. Turn up the volume.....and skank!!
Much love
Geoff (in the U.K.)

Prof, You said, "prepared to be blown away". Yes, you were spot on. Amazing CD's! Keep me on your list when you have anything new. Ossie is unreal to say the least. Good luck.
cb (in California)

Prof: I just had to let you know that your CD is Crucial in every sense of the word. Your selection choice provides an excellent flow for the whole album. Also, your packaging is first rate, making this CD a collectors’ must have. This CD will do a lot to bring the listener closer to the concept of ONE. Peace and righteousness emanates from this CD, bringing the listener closer to the true essence of what Reggae is all about. Peace / Respect ------
Tony (in North Carolina)

First up: Thanks! Second, Hey Professor! Whats up reggae man? I have so much to say, but Ill keep it short. I live in Arcata, CA. HUMBOLDT! Im an HSU student and many other things. Naturalist, reggae man, rasta lion pirate, musician, artist, archer, all sorts of things... Have you ever been to Humboldt? You should come roll through man. You would be a king there in my new home land. Do you know about Humboldt? Humboldt was hurting for new reggae, and so was I, but I tune in to creationsteppin radio on Itunes. Homeboy DJ gave you a shoutout and I looked into the website plug. Good find! The crucial reggae CD has made my life so sweet! You dont even know. So Im telling you. From the website to your confirmation email to the solid safe packaging and rickin rippin rasta skank stamp on the outside of the envelope, man, you are serious! serious reggae business in the CD too! you inspired me into ideas for my first CD that I will be working to put out soon, and into new reggae scenes. I carry the CD everywhere. You have pumped up countless sensi parties all up the west coast! Much Much Much rasta lion thanks! my skateboard says thanks too. peace up my man. Thank you professor! Love and respect,
Captain Black Cat Sam (in California)

OK I must admit the CDs you sent are exactly what I like to hear...I have never heard any of those groups and they all sound irie...Usually when someone tells I they have Reggae it turns out to be dance hall :( I've saw Nasio stuff at TOWER RECORDS but didn't want to chance it, now I'll buy it the next time I'm there. My favorite cut so far is ELECTION TIME [from Vol. 2], I love the rawness of that track...These 3 CD's are truly KILLERS :) Nuff respect and thanks for the new gems added to my collection!
Ras K (in Maryland)

Greetings My Friend, Professor Skank, I just wanted to say the compilations you have pulled together are AWESOME!!! , And then some!!! I asked my queen to take one of the disks out of the player for me; she stated the disk was HOT to the touch. She's right!!! The music is just like fire!!! The two items I ordered were “Crucial Reggae-From Outside Jamaica and Brother Ossie Dellimore. Yea Mon! I been Rockin & Reggin to the Irrie sounds ever since I received them. Professor Skank you are true-mon! May The Most High Sprit continue to always Guide You and Yours!
Abrom (in Virginia)

Two words-- SIMPLY AWESOME!!!! Thank you for spreading the love :)
Dan (in North Carolina)

prof your CDs made it to my location before I had a chance to respond to ya. Thanks much !!!! I heard about your label on Creation Steppin. I found them thru the radio section of iTunes. Its about the only stream I enjoy listening to. I have been a fan of Reggae for many years but have never bought before other than BOB MARLEY and JIMMY CLIFF. Was curious to what ya were selling and liked it and am TOTALLY SATISFIED! Thanks for educating me Professor and I will look for other offerings from you up the road. Peace love and happy smoke
Chris (in Kansas)

Dearest Professor, I recently made my best decision all YEAR by purchasing 3 reggae albums from Skank Productions: Crucial Reggae Vols. 1 & 2, and Freedom's Journal. Positive 'iration to da fullness, rasta. I got them last week (thanks for the quick delivery) and they dominated my cd player on the way to the beach this weekend. Crucial Reggae + beach = best two days of my entire summer. Thanks for the love, brah. Can't wait for more. cheers,
Max (in D.C.)

greetings prof, so very very glad to hear of the two new upcoming releases [Mongoose and Ossie Dellimore] !! i will order the minute you announce they are out and ready for purchase. we are truly enjoying everything that you have done so far. we have been very blessed to have been able to see and meet some of these amazing artists. we would not have known of some of them if not for you. i know i have thanked you before for your efforts but i woud like to do so again. keep up the great work- it is not going without notice and much appreciation! many blessings,
donna and redd (in North Carolina)

Hey Prof, I received the CDs today, thanks for that quick delivery!! These are just three "hammer" CDs, definitely one of the best compilations I have in my collection. Wow!! It's funny that you give some of the proceeds to the doctors without borders, cause I'm a medical doctor and I'm an active member of that organization. Much respect for that!! I will recommend you. Thanks again and Cheers...
Chris (in Germany)

Hey Prof- I'm about to lose my mind listening to this album. Every cut is just off the hook!!!!!
Nima (in California)

Hail H.I.M. Greetings Professor Skank, Give Thanks King, the c.d.'s [Ossie and Crucial Reggae] reach this day an dem irie iya !!. Word Sound an Power, Bless. Every track bad !!, blown away is an understatement. Give Thanks for dem vibration. Nuff vibes, Nuff air play. Can you please keep I'man updated on any of the I' productions ? Issis
Ras Lion (in London)

Thanks prof, the disc really is as good as advertized. i'm ready for the summer now. thanks for going the extra mile to put together a truly awesome comp.
Hal (in Philly)

Hey Professor, Just wanted to thank you for sending out the 2 disks so fast. Both Crucial Reggae and Freedom's Journal are seriously out of control. I have been a reggae fan for years and I was starting to feel like I had heard most of it already. Then I started listening to Creation Steppin and was blown away. So anyway...thanks for bringing those awesome albums to the masses. You should release volume two, you know? Alright man, peace
Danny (in California)

Irie Ites Professor, I have received the cd “Crucial Reggae from outside Jamaica” and all I can say after listening it for last two days is – BEAUTIFULL! You have opened my eyes with this cd! I have never heard of any of these artists before and I am amazed with their musical and lyrical skills. Specially with Mongoose,Groundation and Abja. Pure consciousness with powerful riddims,man! Thank you very much for sending me these positive vibes. Love & Respect.
Dadaman (in Yugoslavia)

Prof, you always do an outstanding job with reggae selections, but "Crucial Reggae" is truly a masterpiece! All strong artists and expertly arranged tracks, each flowing into the next. Also enjoyed having the lyrics to understand their messages fully. Between both of us, this CD has been played constantly, at home or in our cars. And the energy from these selections never wears out! One of the best modern roots productions ever - I highly recommend adding to one's collection. And it makes a great gift! Anxiously awaiting your next CD. One Love.
Missy (in St. Louis)

Hey man these tunes are sick. Much thanks.
Nick (in Hawaii)

Just got the disc today - just what I need to make it through this weather. It is truly crucial, particularly the Ankh Watep and Iba cuts. Big thanks.
Kate (In Massachusetts)

Prof, KILLER CRUCIAL VIBES, MON!! JAH BLESS!! & thank you very much - I really appreciate this wonderful music.
James (in Minnesota)

Professor Skank, you ROCK!! I love the Reggae from outside Jamaica comp!!! Thanks for the crucial picks.
T.J. (in Oregon)

Thanks a lot for the CDs!!! Both are just great! Go on man, go on. I am listening to creation steppin radio almost every day and I heard about your cds, because I checked the radios webpage... Thanks again!
Luca (in Switzerland)

Hi, My CD you sent arrived this morning, your right, its excellent!!! Thanks.
Julian (in England)

Greetings Professor Skank, you may not remember me but I happened upon your store with my sister when I was visiting St. Louis. You were playing your cd and we got to talking. I'm from Indy and you basically told me I had to get your cd if I was into modern roots. Just wanted to say thank you for that persistence! Jah bless you. the music on your cd has opened a whole new world for me! I had no idea this music was out there. Thank you again my brother. You are sent from Jah to spread these vibes! I checked out your Nasio link from your beautiful booklet and have ordered each of his cds! This man is the next big thing, and to think I wouldn't have known about him if I hadn't met you that day. thanks again Professor. Give thanks to you!
James (in Indianapolis)

Professor: I had to write again! Normally, I tire of a CD after a few weeks, but I listen to this one all the time!! I listen to it on the way to work, I play it while entertaining guests and it's the first thing I play when I walk into my apartment after work. Well done Professor, well done!!! RESPECT!! When is the next one coming out?!!!!!!
Al (in NYC)

Congratulations and One luv Prof, I write to you with great joy and news that your compilation, crucial reggae got to me last weekend. I think i should ask you when the next compilation will be out? I'm asking this because i'm so captivated by your maiden work. I'm yearning to hear what might be coming. haha ha . As a roots reggae presenter, i must acknowledge that there has been nothing like what you have done in several years if not decades. I am indeed "blown away." Keep it up prof. Several of my fans have written in with questions about some of the artists already and are yearning for more. Mongoose is terrific. Nasio,Ossie, Iba, and the rest of the artists on this label have given fans of roots reggae somthing to really cherish. I just hope they will keep it consistent. Prof, reggae from outside Jamaica (crucial reggae) has really made me want to interview you on my show via telephone. We can look at whether or not indeed artists outside Jamaica have taken over the making of roots reggae. I shall be much honoured if you accept to speak to audience here in Ghana. I hope to hear from you. Kind regard,
Mubarak (In Ghana)

Prof, I've been meaning to write ever since I received Crucial Reggae. It's a stunning collection, impeccably chosen, and I have to say fantastic job!
Roger (In California)

Skank, I ain't no expert, but this cd does it for me. Ossie was more focused as the voice was one. This one shoots off in different directions, all good. Each song is strong in its own way. If hard pressed I'd have to say that anything that latches onto my Reggae past feels good. That is, I may like the classic stuff best, but, again, it's what I'm used to....but this is a really great compilation. I'm impressed. I really hope this can be a permanent situation so you can keep doin what you love best. Keep up the great works...
eT (in Norway)

Hey Prof, You were right -- "Crucial Reggae" is killer, and that is not a term I have the opportunity to throw around a lot. Each track is great and you put them in just the right order so that the entire cd is a moving audio experience. I skip tracks on all of my other cds, but not this one. I played the cd a little too loudly on my screened-in porch the other day, but, instead of complaints, I discovered several other listeners sitting outside so they could hear too. Excellent job, Prof. Skankily and respectfully,
Lisa (in Florida)

Dear've topped anything you've done in recent years with "Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica." I am nothing short of being totally blown away! From the first tune, "Clear Night" and EVERY song after that. Each song with its own message, each artist with their own style that tie together everything about reggae that means something about being good and honest and better. The CD moves me, inspires me would probably be a better word. The lyrics are really special. I don't know how or where you found these artists, but the message in each song is the central theme throughout the CD. This CD is really special to me...I LOVE IT! I'm so glad that you share your musicical vision with the world. Thank you.
Heather (in St. Louis)

Professor Skank, was reading along with the lyrics. You obviously have an eye for detail. Thanks for that brother. Awesome, awesome songs. I haven't stopped listening to it and I got it 2 weeks ago! (and thanks for the quick shipping too). Can't wait for the next release on Skank records. You de man Skank. You de man.
Jose (in New York)

Professor, not sure how you put this all together but its wicked!!! Thanks for turning me onto such great tunes! You've got a customer for life!
Jim (in Vermont)

Greetings again Professor Skank
I received my "Crucial Reggae" cd today. It is excellent. The play list, clarity and musician ship are outstanding. I love Groundation and Nasio not to mention Abja. A great sophomore effort, can't wait for your next project. Jah bless.
Dave (in Virginia)

Professor, this is the most intense cd I've heard in years. thanks for turning me on to such incredible music!
Pete (in Texas)

Thanks for the killer cd. I've been playing it non stop. keep on skankin.
Grant (in St. Louis)

Greetings Prof Skank,
I bought from you (Freedoms Journal, Ossie Dellimore) I received it already, and I just want to tell you that this new one is the real positive vibe, what a great production bro!, and just for you to know , I heard it for first time in Creation Steppin Radio which is also a geat radio.......thanks for the quick delivery..........Bless, and keep chanting down babylon.
Oscar (in California)

Hey Prof,
Just wanted to let you know that your compilation "Crucial Reggae from Outside Jamaica" is KICK ASS. The song order has a great flow, the sound crisp and clean. I was very excited to see my favorite tune, "Apple" by Nasio. I love his lyrics (and thanks for puting ALL the lyrics in there!). Starting off with "Clear Night" by Mongoose was an excellent idea. The cover is captivating and the arrangement of your booklet with info about the artist and their websites is really cool. Bro, respect. I have positive vibes about this CD. Skank Productions is on the rise. Congratulations!
Kitty (in St.Louis)

Prof! I just love the new CD! My African friend borrowed it before I could even listen to it! I finally got it back this weekend. It's a wonderful compilation - just up my alley! Now I feel the need to get all the cd's they came off of...Happy Day My Brother! Thanks for sharing . . More blessings to come!
Nadia (In Georgia)

Prof. This CD is tight, very tight. Thanks for what you do, I truly feel this one.
Al (in New York)


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