on Ossie Dellimore's "Freedom's Journal"



Prof, You said, "prepared to be blown away". Yes, you were spot on. Amazing CD's! Keep me on your list when you have anything new. Ossie is unreal to say the least. Good luck.
cb (in California)

Greetings My Friend, Professor Skank, I just wanted to say the compilations you have pulled together are AWESOME!!! , And then some!!! I asked my queen to take one of the disks out of the player for me; she stated the disk was HOT to the touch. She's right!!! The music is just like fire!!! The two items I ordered were “Crucial Reggae-From Outside Jamaica and Brother Ossie Dellimore. Yea Mon! I been Rockin & Reggin to the Irrie sounds ever since I received them. Professor Skank you are true-mon! May The Most High Sprit continue to always Guide You and Yours!
Abrom (in Virginia)

hey prof, i just got the delimore cd from you earlier this week. Its as solid a cd i have heard in a while. Every song is as good as the last. Of the two others which would you recomend. Thanks
Paul (in South Dakota)

prof your CDs made it to my location before I had a chance to respond to ya. Thanks much !!!! I heard about your label on Creation Steppin. I found them thru the radio section of iTunes. Its about the only stream I enjoy listening to. I have been a fan of Reggae for many years but have never bought before other than BOB MARLEY and JIMMY CLIFF. Was curious to what ya were selling and liked it and am TOTALLY SATISFIED! Thanks for educating me Professor and I will look for other offerings from you up the road. Peace love and happy smoke
Chris (in Kansas)

Dearest Professor, I recently made my best decision all YEAR by purchasing 3 reggae albums from Skank Productions: Crucial Reggae Vols. 1 & 2, and Freedom's Journal. Positive 'iration to da fullness, rasta. I got them last week (thanks for the quick delivery) and they dominated my cd player on the way to the beach this weekend. Crucial Reggae + beach = best two days of my entire summer. Thanks for the love, brah. Can't wait for more. cheers,
Max (in D.C.)

I got the discs and have been checking them out. You are absolutely right, I'm blown away. Particularly by Ossie Dellimore. I've been listening and collecting Reggae since grade school -- with a bent on the international scene. When I find someone like Ossie it gives me faith that there will always be new discoveries. But more importantly, it's assuring to know that these messages are still being sent out to the world. Thanks and keep it going.
Lopaka (in Colorado)

Hail H.I.M. Greetings Professor Skank, Give Thanks King, the c.d.'s [Ossie and Crucial Reggae] reach this day an dem irie iya !!. Word Sound an Power, Bless. Every track bad !!, blown away is an understatement. Give Thanks for dem vibration. Nuff vibes, Nuff air play. Can you please keep I'man updated on any of the I' productions ? Issis
Ras Lion (in London)

Hey Professor, Just wanted to thank you for sending out the 2 disks so fast. Both Crucial Reggae and Freedom's Journal are seriously out of control. I have been a reggae fan for years and I was starting to feel like I had heard most of it already. Then I started listening to Creation Steppin and was blown away. So anyway...thanks for bringing those awesome albums to the masses. You should release volume two, you know? Alright man, peace
Danny (in California)

The Ossie Dellimore is off the chain. crucial, crucial, crucial!!!!!!!! do you know anything about his tour schedule?
Donna (in Carolina)

Professor: Freedoms' Journal is by far the best Roots CD I have purchased in a very long time. Ossie's voice is tremendous and the entire CD is incredible. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Definitely a classic. Your recommendations are always right on. Keep it coming, you'll be hearing from me again! Regards
Al (in New York)

Freedom's Journal (Ossie Dellimore) is simply fantastic. Turned up super loud it works at the skateboard park and educates the kids. Kicking back with headphones the intelligence of the lyrics comes through. This is truly essential. My CD arrived promptly in perfect condition. Props for the online radio show too! Maximum respect,
Miles (in San Jose)

Greetings again Prof, The Ossie CD is most irie! crucial jams no doubt. I thank you for producing a stellar effort. Jah Bless
Dave (in Virginia)

Prof. Skank, Thanks so much for re-releasing the Ossie Dellimore CD and making it available to the public. I purchased it last week and am still in awe of the strength and truth of Dellimore's songs.
Ryan (in St. Louis)

Professor Skank: This cd I just received from you, Ossie Dellimore’s Freedom’s Journal, is some of the most powerful roots reggae music I have ever heard. It is extremely moving, it is serious and most of all, very crucial. It is impossible to listen to this cd, without moving and grooving, and I am thankful for getting a hold of it. Very uplifting. Ossie seems to have the the brutal vocal force of Peter Tosh, and also reminiscent of some of Mutabaruka’s work - but the melodic and driving musical arrangement is a crucial style all his own. Give Thanks!
James (in Minnesota)

Praise JAH, Ossie Dellimore, and Professor Skank for spreading the reggae vibe! I originally heard Ossie some time ago but could never find it. After hearing tracks on creation-steppin radio I knew I couldn't live without it any longer! Freedom's Journal is all that I expected. These crucial tracks carry a strong message and are sung with true emotion. Ossie's voice is chilling...right to the bone....Time Has Come, Downpressor Man, Sharp as a Razor. The bass lines drop a skankie groove that is simply irresistible! I can't wait for the next Ossie release! Thanks Professor!
claudie (in Virginia)

Greetings Prof Skank, I recieved my cd's last week and both are crucial. Thanks for your timely effort in getting them out quick, much appreciated. I will be in contact with you soon about ordering more. You were right about FJ, truely an amazing album. bless,
stika (in Virginia)

I have been searching for this disc ever since it disappeared. Huge thanks to Professor Skank for this flawless reissue and to Bahilman for spreading the word. "The System", "Time Has Come", and "A Better Way" are simply gorgeous! I can't wait to hear the new disc Ossie has in the works - hopefully it will be a Skank disc as well!
Govinda (in Texas)

The Professor has done his homework on this one! Ozzie's hypnotic grooves permeate the whole of my cosmic awareness. No really, this stuff is great. I'm no expert, though I did co-run a Reggae club as student back in the early 80's. Ozzie's tracks seem timeless, yet up to speed with contemporary musical expression. The guitar sounds, the driving bass, the percussion and the earnesty and integrity of the vocal expression all add up to inescapable bodily connection. Thank Jah, I can't get this stuff outta my system! Top quality vibes for any connoissuer of jah music!
Evan (in Norway)

Skank, what a killer release! Absolutley crucial. I love the new cover, too! and the booklet is first rate. I have the original cd and this new one is even better! I love the extended mix of Razor. When he sings in falsetto at the end, and says "closer" it just gets intense. The dubs, too, man. Great job. Thanks for getting it back out there. When's your next release! haha...
Tom (in Arizona)

Thank the lord for the "professor". His selections are among the best I have ever listened to. The mail-order service is fantastic. I wish he had more selections to offer. As always spread the vibe. Thx again.
Dan (in New York)

Prof, just want to let you know how much I enjoyed and would like to compliment you on your re-issue of Ossie Dellimore's "Freedom's Journal." I was impressed with the continuous flow and loved the extended mix of "Sharp As A Razor" and "Razor Dub," it is excellent. Without your dedication and expertise it could have never happened. I'm sure reggae lovers worldwide appreciate your contribution to reggae music. Keep skankin...
Kitty (in St. Louis)

Greetings Skank: Can't get enough of Ossie's cd Freedom Journal. Thanks so much for that super fast shipping. I am real excited about the Skank label. Can't wait for more releases!!
Russ (in New York)

prof - thanks for getting this disc to me and the re-introducing it to the world. all this wisdom and knowledge was here all the time, ossie offers - how true indeed, sometimes we just need to be reminded of it... fierce riddims, heavy basslines and consciously charged lyrics make it clear that ossie is well connected to solomon generation. jr.demus was prince far i esque in his one take razor performance. the world needs chariots, vessels of light like ossie, to ensure our spiritual survival. along with midnite and the extended st.croix musicians, this is the finest roots i've heard in quite some time. forward ever...
dan (in New York)

Professor- Great work on the Ossie disc. Killer package, and I love the dub versions you included. The instrumentation on the cd is amazing, especially the guitar. Very "Ernie Isley-ish."
Jim (in St. Louis)

Thanks for the great it two days later (also bought some Midnite CDs from you earlier with the same great service). "Freedom's Journal" is awesome and the packaging is first rate (I especially loved the lengthy interview). It is truly a must have for any reggae fan. I'll spread the word for sure...
Andy (in New York)

Professor Skank is a servant of JAH sent forth to spread the message of Righteousness to the masses in all Nations, Freedoms Journal by Ossie Dellimore on Skank Records is a very strong message that is a must for all Roots reggae fans at home and abroad, The sound is very crisp and you can really hear that Ossie and The Soldiers of Justice Band really put a lot of Heart and Soul in this Release. The addition of the Original 'Time has Come' and the Bonus Dubs are a crucial further addition to the CD that were not available before, Professor Skank has linked up with Ossie and created a wonderful 16 page booklet and Lyric sheet, it is illustrated in color with many great pictures and an intriguing interview that explains the whole process of the creation of these crucial works, including a nice pic of HIM himself. Thanks to the Professor we have the opportunity to enjoy these conscious vibes so get your copy now, it will be shipped quite promptly and securely, and you definitely won't be dissapointed. Keep up the Good Vibes, Love always,
Jahmeel (in Florida)

Ossie Dellimore's Freedom Journal is just, well, "delighful." His tremendous voice is such a blow of fresh air in this very mediocre music market we live in. FJ gets better by the layer. It's like a mango, the deeper you peel, the sweeter it feels. And BYT, I went all over the regular music stores and web sites looking for this disc, and NOBODY had it or had heard of it before. Then I found you on the web and voila!, happiness on electronic format materialized. Keep it coming, Prof. You've got a customer waiting for more.
Javier (in Virginia)


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