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I have recently gotten out of 1977 reggae with some strong new bands my nephew turned me on to (as well as some cool Hawaiian reggae I picked up while there), and was looking for more. I took a chance with two of the Crucial discs (without knowing anything about them) and was skanking the weekend away. Followed up with the other two compilations and am listening to them non-stop. These discs are as good as anything the Marley boys (all respect) are doing. Outrageous mix that will keep you going strong. Look forward to getting the new Ossie.

I can tell you it also feels pretty cool to actually deal with a person. I was floored when I received an email from Professor Skank on my first order, letting me know the discs were on the way the next day. Nice to know that your cash isn't going to the machine, but to someone who cares and loves reggae.

My advice, trust in the Professor. He is batting 1000 (which is pretty damn good).

Peace and Love,
Eric (in San Fran)

Brother Skank, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner..... The discs turned up and I have been blown away by the quality of every tune. Seriously wicked choice of tunes. The care taken selecting these, and the effort that must have gone into sorting out the lyrics - respect to you. I am indebted to you for opening my mind (and ears) to a selection of music that would have passed me by. Needless to say I will be watching what you do, so make sure you let me know what else going down. Turn up the volume.....and skank!!
Much love
Geoff (in the U.K.)

Danny I gun play is one bad, bad, bad, track!!!!!! Nuf respect to skank records for keeping jah youth them mashing! Aloha
ras bill (in Hawaii)

Prof, You said, "prepared to be blown away". Yes, you were spot on. Amazing CD's! Keep me on your list when you have anything new. Ossie is unreal to say the least. Good luck.
cb (in California)

OK I must admit the CDs you sent are exactly what I like to hear...I have never heard any of those groups and they all sound irie...Usually when someone tells I they have Reggae it turns out to be dance hall :( I've saw Nasio stuff at TOWER RECORDS but didn't want to chance it, now I'll buy it the next time I'm there. My favorite cut so far is ELECTION TIME, I love the rawness of that track...These 3 CD's are truly KILLERS :) Nuff respect and thanks for the new gems added to my collection!
Ras K (in Maryland)

Hail H.I.M. Greetings Professor, Blessings !!, I' received your "Crucial Reggae 2" on this day. Prof, I'man Give Thanks !! Another Crucial series iya from tracks 1 to 12. Solid I'. Nuff nuff vibes a gwarn outside a Jamaica an this album as well as the first in the series shows dat. All the artist & producers are truly talented and need to be heard. The packaging irie as well, Give Thanks for the booklet / inner sleeve. Prof, will you be putting out a Vol 3, an if so will you consider some rootsdaughters on the compillation ? Once again, Blessings !!
Ras Lion (in England)

prof your CDs made it to my location before I had a chance to respond to ya. Thanks much !!!! I heard about your label on Creation Steppin. I found them thru the radio section of iTunes. Its about the only stream I enjoy listening to. I have been a fan of Reggae for many years but have never bought before other than BOB MARLEY and JIMMY CLIFF. Was curious to what ya were selling and liked it and am TOTALLY SATISFIED! Thanks for educating me Professor and I will look for other offerings from you up the road. Peace love and happy smoke
Chris (in Kansas)

Dearest Professor, I recently made my best decision all YEAR by purchasing 3 reggae albums from Skank Productions: Crucial Reggae Vols. 1 & 2, and Freedom's Journal. Positive 'iration to da fullness, rasta. I got them last week (thanks for the quick delivery) and they dominated my cd player on the way to the beach this weekend. Crucial Reggae + beach = best two days of my entire summer. Thanks for the love, brah. Can't wait for more. cheers,
Max (in D.C.)

Hey Professor, Sounds like some goods are coming soon! Thanks for getting vol.2 sent to me so quickly, I can't stop playing it. Let me know when that Mongoose disc is ready, I will pick it up for sure. Thanks again and great job! Peace Bro,
Danny (in Southern California)

greetings prof, so very very glad to hear of the two new upcoming releases [Mongoose and Ossie Dellimore] !! i will order the minute you announce they are out and ready for purchase. we are truly enjoying everything that you have done so far. we have been very blessed to have been able to see and meet some of these amazing artists. we would not have known of some of them if not for you. i know i have thanked you before for your efforts but i woud like to do so again. keep up the great work- it is not going without notice and much appreciation! many blessings,
donna and redd (in North Carolina)

Hey Prof, I received the CDs today, thanks for that quick delivery!! These are just three "hammer" CDs, definitely one of the best compilations I have in my collection. Wow!! It's funny that you give some of the proceeds to the doctors without borders, cause I'm a medical doctor and I'm an active member of that organization. Much respect for that!! I will recommend you. Thanks again and Cheers...
Chris (in Germany)

Skankmon: Really hard mix - thank you!! I know I have got a good crucial reggae disc, when I am almost home, and keep driving, so I can hear the rest of the cd! Crucial beats that drop off the edge of a table - awesome! It is so cool to have a crucial reggae source. Professor - thanks again, and keep em cominí!! Rastafari live!
James (in Minnesota)

Professor Skank, I have so enjoyed listening to the new cd. I want to commend Inner Visions for the song "Spiritual Dancer." The birds singing in the background sets an ethereal stage for a serious meditation. I really appreciate songs that begin with musical and lyrical 'forethought' transitioning into a crucial melody loaded with message. I must say this song really ups my anticipation to an even higher level for your cd. The song effects me on other levels, too. Before Ricky came to the US, I always danced by myself, eyes closed, in my own little trance like world. It was a total integration of body and spirit. Somehow when you dance with another, at least for me, I don't seem to reach that same level of mental freedom. I would call that experience a spiritual dancer. Give thanks for such a beautiful song! Prof Skank, the selection of songs is so well done. Few cds sound great from beginning to end. To do that, requires alot of variety while still keeping each person connected throughout. Great job with that. There are many songs that I love. I will send out special kudos for the first few spins to Inner Visions, Nasio, Groundation, Ossie, and Bambu Station. I am sure with each spin, every song will be a stand out. I totally enjoy the whole cd and hope I have a car with a cd player while I am in California. Ricky and I will do some sightseeing and this cd would be perfect travel music as we view the mighty Sequoias and Sierra Nevadas! Great work. Prof Skank. and give thanks for the gift of Jah Music!
Sista Irie (in Austin)

greetings prof. skank,
just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Redd and i received the new crucial 2 cd today. it was just as you said it would be. we are blown away!! yes sir- you've done it again!!!!! thank you so much for your efforts and contribution to the reggae scene. you put it out there. by the way, what's up w/ ossie's new cd? is it close to being released and is there a cd for sheriff ghale?
donna (in Carolina)

Once again, Praise JAH for your existence! The second installment of Crucial Reggae from outside of Jamaica is just as good, if not better, than the first one. Your choice of songs is perfect and the cd has a great flow from beginning to end. Great job! Respect!
Al (in New York)

Skankie Skank!
Man! you know I love it! You keep me skankin. . .EVERYTIME! Here's to another great classic!
Nadia (in Georgia)


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